Pet Loss Poetry and Sympathy Cards
inspired by Winnie Rogers
Wire Hair Fox Terriers
Winnie, Beasley & Remy Rogers

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I was born on November 23, 2003 late at night in Norfolk, MA. I was one of a litter of five. At nine weeks these people came to take me away but I wasn't afraid one bit. Somehow I felt very safe with these two ladies. And when we finally got to the house (I soon discovered that this would be my home) I was thrilled to just walk and sniff around. I knew there must have been someone like me before because I could smell it. Really I didn't miss my siblings very much; I kind of liked this new place. And then I discovered I could lay in their laps, and they fed me and played with me- what a life!!!
I didn't like having to go into that cold air (remember it was winter) so I did my duties very quickly and they'd bring me right back inside. And all the toys they had - I later learned many of them were inherited by me from Winnie. I learned to look forward to shopping bags because there'd always be something for me.
Oh yes, I like this place - gee I hope I get to stay.